Uninvited Tea Guest

**I was once passing by the reception of my department at school to collect class attendance sign sheets and when I told the secretary I was the class representative for students specializing in applied math, she literally cut me off and told me to go straight in, motioning at the chairman’s office. Twice, I tried to tell her I just came to pick up the forms and did not want to speak to the chairman and twice she cut me off even before I had uttered a word. I was feeling adventurous that morning, so I eventually just walked into the chairman’s office and happened upon a department weekly meeting. The chairman spoke at great length about how he hoped this new initiative of having class representatives attend department meetings would bring a greater understanding and foster a sense of community and belonging among students and faculty alike.**

Six Pack Boyfriend

**Have you watched Magic Mike? Don’t those men have such amazingly perfectly toned bodies? Channing Tatum was once a very serious childhood crush of mine, so I am not quite sure why it took me so many years to watch the movie but I finally did!**

The Hustler

**Have you ever met a hustler? Perhaps you are one yourself? I think university life brings out the hustler in most people and triples the dosage in people who are hustlers by nature, never miss a moment to make an extra shilling!**

Finishing School

**Are you ever scared of the unknown? Most people are, right? I find it very hard to have peace of mind in the face of a big looming unknown. That is what finishing school is, a big looming unknown.**

Wife Material

**In a feminist stance I embarked upon so long ago I cannot even remember when, I have been reluctant to learn how to cook, although really, more like let the general public know that I can cook(a little), in case a man somewhere deems me marriable for this trait.I want to be defiant. I want someone to love me despite my lack of affinity for the kitchen**