Bred For Brotherhood

**sometimes it feels as though my brother is the only one who knows how to communicate with me, the most mundane of conversations can turn into such a source of happiness**

Kathleen: Can I borrow you for about 15 minutes?

Alex: What, you want to pitch an idea to me or something?

**What is with the jumping to conclusions?**

Kathleen: No, I’d like to show you something.

Alex: Alright.

**I start to push the limit now, hoping to turn his yes to a small thing into a yes to a much bigger thing**

Kathleen: Downstairs…


Alex: …alright.

Kathleen: Outside…

**bursts into laughter**

Alex: Okay, just let me take a quick shot of my coffee.

**joining in laughter**

Kathleen: Okay, I’m gonna piss and put on my shoes real quick.

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