Wife Material

**In a feminist stance I embarked upon so long ago I cannot even remember when, I have been reluctant to learn how to cook, although really, more like let the general public know that I can cook(a little), in case a man somewhere deems me marriable for this trait.I want to be defiant. I want someone to love me despite my lack of affinity for the kitchen**

**while salting her food**

Njeri: Kathleen, you are an amazing cook!

**the irony, how amazing is amazing if she’ss busy adding salt?**

Kathleen: Please come with the salt, I’d like to use it as well.

**I admit it, the food needed a bit more salt.**

Njeri: Did you hear what I said?

Kathleen: Yes, I did. Thanks.

**while salting my food.**

Kathleen: Just don’t tell any boys. They might start to imagine I am wife material and want to marry me.

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