The Hustler

**Have you ever met a hustler? Perhaps you are one yourself? I think university life brings out the hustler in most people and triples the dosage in people who are hustlers by nature, never miss a moment to make an extra shilling!**

**while tapping me on the back**
Antipa: Kathleen, do you have an extra pen?

Kathleen: Sorry, no I don’t.
**I actually did, I was just feeling too lazy to reach into my bag and go rummaging for it, I shall try be a better person in future**

**tapping the student seated next to me**
Antipa: Kevin, do you have an extra pen?

**while distractedly rummaging through his bag**
Kevin: Let me see…ah…here we go!
**turns to make eye-contact with Antipa**
I’m selling it though!


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