Who Came Up With Gender Roles? WHO?

**honestly, who came up with gender roles? I would like to have a word with them.**

Lynn: Can you imagine, today when I rang the doorbell, your poor father had to come and open the gate!

Kathleen: My ‘poor’ father? Why are you pitying him in this situation?

Lynn: Ahhh, Kathy, men should not be made to work!

**I was left totally aghast**

Kathleen: Why?

Lynn: It is disrespectful.

 **Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect my father, uncles, all older men by virtue of the fact that they are older and as such I owe them this respect, women as well, that goes without saying. Also, make no mistake, if it had been my father and I when the door bell rang, I would have gone to the gate, but that is not how things panned out. So…I’m just wondering, since when are certain thing ‘beneath’ men?**

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