The Monthly Joys of Womanhood

**A few days ago I was sitting around with a few of my classmates, we had decided to have dinner so we put together some money, bought some supplies and one of my friends was happy to do the cooking. As we were waiting for the food we were talking, of course, and I cannot remember how we stumbled upon the topic but one of the guys asked in an innocent enough manner what it feels like to be on one’s period, obviously directed at the girls. Personally, I was having one of those days where I had just had it with life! I had had cramps all day, while trying to study for three cats that we were scheduled to have in the next two days and this question was an invitation to just let it all out. It might have been a somewhat similar expereince for my female friends because we all kinda just attacked him, as if it was his fault we had to be incredibly uncomfortable for a few days every month. He was in an incredibly uncomfortable position himself(poor guy) and once we finally let up, one of the other guys whispered to him that there are things you should never ask about, and a woman’s period was one of them…too true!**

Food Makes Us Happy People

**When you think you could eat a truck load because you are so hungry, and you suspect that the suggestion to eat a truckload might freak your friend out but you voice it out anyway, cause she’s your friend, she should love you anyway, right? Except it turns out she had a truckload and then some in mind. So…you are perfectly compatible as friends!**

When You’re Craving Junk Food

**I love coming home for the weekends, I always get treated like a princess! Last night, I walked through the door and among other things, one of the first things my mother pointed out to me was the amazing cake she had baked while I was away….this is the reason cake loves me so much BTW, my mother has nurtured this relationship, I did not stand a chance. This morning, I woke up to more edible goodies that had been kept away for me while I was away…chocolate covered digestives!!!! If this is not love, I don’t know what is. Of course my mum insisted I share my box of chocolate coated biscuits with my brothers, I would not have otherwise, they had their share while I was away…hmph! Anyway, I did share…which led to the following exchange(s)…**

How To Shoot Oneself In The Foot And Never See It Coming Until It Is Too Late (A Guide For Students)

Let’s put this in context…

It is Monday morning, start off with energy! That whole ‘I-am-on-a-mission-and-I-have-all-this-figured-out’ vibe should be oozing off of you! Wake up when the alarm rings without snoozing even once, not a second of hesitation. Write the reports you have pending, respond to the emails, do the research and don’t forget a nice and intense morning workout! Take a nice hot shower and proceed to get all dressed up! Starting the day in this manner ensures Monday will not even know what hit it when your super-organised self manages to tick off every single item on your to-do list!


**Have you heard of AIESEC? Google it. I have been an AIESECer for most of my university life and AIESEC is big on traditions, which is one of the things I love most about it. Some of these traditions include hazing election candidates by way of getting then senselessly drunk before announcing results. This acts as sort of a buffer, I feel, for candidates who do not succeed. Elections are incredibly intense in AIESEC, and losing is always devastating, so ideally when results are being announced, as a candidate you only find out the next day whether or not you made it. Another tradition is having a small party, commonly known as a chill-out, after our weekly meetings. This has to be my favourite tradition, getting to know people outside of the somewhat official setting is what made AIESEC home for me and having AIESEC as a place I could call home is largely the reason I have made it through uni where I went to uni…heh heh!**

Too Pretty To Be Smart?

**I went for a jazz festival once, with a friend of mine who is a ‘social king’ whereas I am generally silent around new people. He was my lifeline at this event so when he went and made friends with a bevy of beautiful ladies, I got sucked into that wave as well and we started hanging out together. One of the girl we met had come with her mum and I suppose before we got there, her mum had been getting to know some of her friends. Just the usual standard questions that adults normally ask young people.**

Hair Advice

**Remember my friend Ethel? The one I keep trying to bring to the natural side of life…refer to this conversation. Well, she asked me for hair advice, as she occasionally does, and I told her what I always tell her, which also happens to be what she never wants to hear.**