Help Will Always Be Given in the Natural Movement(At Hogwarts) to Those Who Ask For It

**Being a natural, like with all good things, is infectous. When you’re in it, and you discover what you have been missing out on all those years, you want all your friends, relatives, acquiantances and even those strangers who seem like they need it most to join the ‘movement’. It is addictive! It is also difficult for people to understand I think, when they are so used to viewing their hair as difficult, unmanageable, not the kind that can be rocked natural…and it is difficult for us on the flipside to come to terms with the fact that others do not see the benefits immediately!**

**I have been trying to bring my friend Ethel to the natural side for more than a couple of years…**


**Ventures into my room, spots a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil…(only the best for my knots and kinks;-)**

Ethel: Oh, you use extra virgin olive oil to cook?

**Seeing where this will go from a mile away, I smile slightly**

Kathleen: No…that’s actually for my hair.

**Laughing now…while further exploring my products shelf**

Ethel: Kathleen, you cannot be serious! You use it on your hair?! This natural life will kill you!

**Spotting some whipped Shea Butter(Like I said, only the best for my knots and kinks ;-)**

Ethel: You even have Shea Butter? These things are so expensive Kathleen! I would never even be able to afford being a natural!

Kathleen: Well, when you join the movement, well wishers and good will shall avail the resources…

**Which in my case, is my mum who humours my venturing into the kitchen on Sundays and leaving with two eggs, half an avocado, some honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil…in the name of feeding my knots and kinks. Not to mention my also natural aunts who live and travel afar and are willing help out with the rest of the products! So much love in the community!**

**I stick to what I said, when you decide to be a part of the movement, well wishers and good will shall avail the resources.**

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