Is It So Radical To Propose That We Are Fine As We Are?

**Early one morning, whilst washing dishes and staring at the slowly rising sun, after a wonderful morning workout that had me all sticky and sweaty but feeling like sunshine and rainbows and love and happiness and fulfilment and wise as Solomon! **

What if we entertained the radical notion that we are fine just as we are?

That we are meant to be…

…celebrated when we win, thrive, persevere

…flaunted when we are gorgeous, elegant, poised

…quoted when we speak with wisdom, courage, vision

And at the same time…

…spoilt when we are needy, childish

…tolerated when we are moody, irrational

…defended when we are less than honourable, defiant

…loved when we are ugly, failing, losing

And it is all okay because we will do the same for you and we will keep trying to be better, so you keep trying too.

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