Hair Advice

**Remember my friend Ethel? The one I keep trying to bring to the natural side of life…refer to this conversation. Well, she asked me for hair advice, as she occasionally does, and I told her what I always tell her, which also happens to be what she never wants to hear.**

Ethel: Kathleen, what should I do with my hair for Pioneers?

**Pioneers is an AIESEC conference that she was heading off to in less than a week**

Kathleen: Cut it and wear it natural.

**a little agitated**

Ethel: Kathleen, I am never going to go natural! So quit recommending it to me every time I ask for hair advice!

Kathleen: Ethel, I am never going to recommend anything other than going natural, so quit asking me for hair advice if you know it is not what you want to hear!

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