Too Pretty To Be Smart?

**I went for a jazz festival once, with a friend of mine who is a ‘social king’ whereas I am generally silent around new people. He was my lifeline at this event so when he went and made friends with a bevy of beautiful ladies, I got sucked into that wave as well and we started hanging out together. One of the girl we met had come with her mum and I suppose before we got there, her mum had been getting to know some of her friends. Just the usual standard questions that adults normally ask young people.**

Stacey’s Mum: Kathleen, so are you in USIU(United States International University) as well?

**Stacey and most of her friends were…**

Kathleen: Naah, I’m in JKUAT(Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology).

Stacey’s Mum: Oh, and what do you study?

Kathleen: I study Mathematics and Computer Science.

**Out of nowhere, a look of horror descended upon her face**

Stacey’s Mum: Mathematics and Computer Science?!! But…you are so pretty! You didn’t have to pick something so difficult!

**I honestly did not know what to do or say…torn between being flattered that she thought me good-looking and being utterly offended that she thought beauty and brains mutually exclusive and that even if a woman did have both, she then had the option of riding on her good looks and not having to work as hard as others.**

**So I giggled awkwardly and that was that.**

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