**Have you heard of AIESEC? Google it. I have been an AIESECer for most of my university life and AIESEC is big on traditions, which is one of the things I love most about it. Some of these traditions include hazing election candidates by way of getting then senselessly drunk before announcing results. This acts as sort of a buffer, I feel, for candidates who do not succeed. Elections are incredibly intense in AIESEC, and losing is always devastating, so ideally when results are being announced, as a candidate you only find out the next day whether or not you made it. Another tradition is having a small party, commonly known as a chill-out, after our weekly meetings. This has to be my favourite tradition, getting to know people outside of the somewhat official setting is what made AIESEC home for me and having AIESEC as a place I could call home is largely the reason I have made it through uni where I went to uni…heh heh!**

**Election-time was nigh in JKUAT, and as an ‘oldie’ I was excited about attending the after-party**

Kathleen: So are you guys contributing for the drinks to get the new EB drunk on election night?

Sarah: Naah, we won’t get them drunk. We will just think of some other way of hazing them but getting them drunk won’t work.

Kathleen: Wait, why aren’t you getting them drunk?

Sarah: Half these guys don’t drink, some have never even tasted alcohol.

**Feeling like as an alumni this is a stellar opportunity for me to contribute towards the continuity of this oh-so-important tradition**

Kathleen: That has not mattered in the past, it is tradition! There have been people who don’t drink who made an exception for one night only! I feel like…if you let this slide, this will be the death of the tradition in AIESEC JKUAT!

Sarah: Kinda how you guys killed the tradition of chill-outs?

**That shut me up. When I served as an AIESEC VP, we slacked on the chill-out tradition and it has never been the same since**

**Perhaps new traditions shall be created. Change is good, right? The AIESEC I knew does not have to be the AIESEC that people find 3 years down the line, and perhaps they will still love it as much, and be able to call it home.** 

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