How To Shoot Oneself In The Foot And Never See It Coming Until It Is Too Late (A Guide For Students)

Let’s put this in context…

It is Monday morning, start off with energy! That whole ‘I-am-on-a-mission-and-I-have-all-this-figured-out’ vibe should be oozing off of you! Wake up when the alarm rings without snoozing even once, not a second of hesitation. Write the reports you have pending, respond to the emails, do the research and don’t forget a nice and intense morning workout! Take a nice hot shower and proceed to get all dressed up! Starting the day in this manner ensures Monday will not even know what hit it when your super-organised self manages to tick off every single item on your to-do list!

So you head to class and when you leave the house is when you start to realize just how cold it is outside. Your fabulous look was not tailored with this in mind, but what is a little cold when you are looking good?

You make it to your 7 am class in good time, with a little time to spare…but the lecturer does not. In fact, two hours after the class should have began and he still has not made it to class. Your spirits are a little dampened now, but you decide the day is still young. You return to your house to have a nice hot breakfast and study. Trying not to think too hard about the fact that this Monday morning class is the reason you left the comfort of home on Sunday evening, trying not to think about the fact that Tuesday is a public holiday and if you had known the lecturer would not show up, you would still be enjoying the comfort of home, a four day weekend you might have had! What’s done is done…besides, there are those three cats coming up later in the week, that’s the other reason you came to school, right? To prepare for those cats? Well…two whole days to prepare…best to use them well.

Back to your house, it is only logical to have breakfast accompanied by some sort of distraction…no? So your meal before you, you decide an episode of Big Bang Theory should be a short and sweet enough distraction. You notice you are only two episodes away from the season finale so you toy with the idea of watching two episodes instead of one, but no! It is Monday, y0u must stay focused! One episode it shall be.

It is so cold outside, why not have breakfast in bed, while watching that one episode of Big Bang Theory? Really *insert student’s name, in this case…* Kathleen, why not? Live a little…right? So you live a little. Crawl into bed with your hot breakfast, your laptop and your 6 yet unwatched seasons of Big Bang Theory…but remember, you are only watching the second last episode of season one…and then it is right to work for the rest of the day!

…and that, ladies and gentlemen, is How To Shoot Oneself In The Foot And Never See It Coming Until It Is Too Late (A Guide For Students)

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