A Win For The Naturalista Community!

**Remember my friend Ethel? Yes, she who I have made a mission to coerce into naturalista living!**

**She had had her hair in braids and was in the process of taking them out in preparation for another set of braids being put in so I had a rare chance to glimpse her hair.**


Ethel: Look…my hairline is coming back!

Kathleen: Ethel, you can’t be serious! It is really thin!

Ethel: Yeah…but it used to be worse. Besides, It’s only thin at the edges.

Kathleen: You really should go natural, you know! It will do your hair a world of good! You have no idea how thick your hair has the potential to be!

Ethel: Kathleen…I just can’t.

**Ladies, you have to all be able to relate to just how terrifying the thought of going natural is!**

Kathleen: I promise to be your personal stylist if you go natural.

Ethel: Really?

Kathleen: Yes.

Ethel: If you are serious, I will go natural.

Kathleen: Well, I am serious!

Ethel: Okay, I will. As soon as I take down my next set of braids!

**I think I am more excited than she is!**


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