Food Makes Us Happy People

**When you think you could eat a truck load because you are so hungry, and you suspect that the suggestion to eat a truckload might freak your friend out but you voice it out anyway, cause she’s your friend, she should love you anyway, right? Except it turns out she had a truckload and then some in mind. So…you are perfectly compatible as friends!**

Kathleen: So…fries and eggs, that’s what we are having, right?

Ethel: Yup, Fries and eggs. How many though?

**Still wondering if I should be modest or not, I could eat a cow at this point!**

Kathleen: Well, I was thinking, fries and 6 eggs, 3 each?

Ethel: 6?!!

**Thinking that maybe 6 really is too much, wondering if I should retract the statement and maybe revert to two eggs each**

Kathleen: Erm…yeah, I think 3 each wouldn’t be so bad. What do you have in mind?

Ethel: I was thinking 8 eggs, so that we have 4 each, and maybe some mutura(african sausage?!) as well.

**Genuinely shocked at her appetite!**

Kathleen: 4 eggs each, plus fries and mutura?!

**That doubt I was initially experiencing now entering her voice…**

Ethel: Yeah, I’m so hungry Kathleen!

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