When You’re Craving Junk Food

**I love coming home for the weekends, I always get treated like a princess! Last night, I walked through the door and among other things, one of the first things my mother pointed out to me was the amazing cake she had baked while I was away….this is the reason cake loves me so much BTW, my mother has nurtured this relationship, I did not stand a chance. This morning, I woke up to more edible goodies that had been kept away for me while I was away…chocolate covered digestives!!!! If this is not love, I don’t know what is. Of course my mum insisted I share my box of chocolate coated biscuits with my brothers, I would not have otherwise, they had their share while I was away…hmph! Anyway, I did share…which led to the following exchange(s)…**

**Walking into my brothers’ room**

Kathleen: Here, a biscuit for you…(handing one to Andrew), and a biscuit for you…(handing one to Alex). You can both thank your mother, I would not have thought twice about sharing had she not asked me to.

Brethren: Thanks sis…(Or something to this effect, I was in way too much of a hurry to get back to my room and gobble my remaining chocolate coated biscuits!!)

**An hour or so after the first exchange…I returned to my brothers’ room to get some fresh sheets, they are kept there…**

Alex: Yo sis…where’s all the junk food at?

Kathleen: How would I know…you’re the ones that live here full-time.

Andrew: Could you please go ask mum if she would buy us some?

Kathleen: I just came from downstairs, she’s not home. I don’t know where she went.

**With that last-born tone, not believing that his mother went anywhere without letting him know…He had been lying on his bed and this realisation even made him sit up abruptly!**

Andrew: She left the house?! Without telling me? Where did she go?!

**Rolling my eyes because this is exactly the reaction I expected…**

Kathleen: You must have missed the part where I said I have no idea where she went…

Andrew: Oh, okay…

**Another hour or so after the previous exchange, a tentative knock on my bedroom door**

Kathleen:  You may approach!

**Bedroom door slowly swings open**

Andrew: Yo sis, I asked mum to buy us some crisps, but she said I ate too much in Kitale last weekend…(There was a family function the previous weekend which I couldn’t make it for…)

Kathleen: Mum is back already?

Andrew: Yeah…

Kathleen: Well, great job Andrew, way to go and ruin any chances of crisps for all of us! You just had to go to Kitale and feast on everything!

**Brushing off my comment…ha ha!**

Andrew: I was thinking, if you ask, she would have to say yes…

Kathleen: I’m not going to.

Andrew: Please?!

Kathleen: Okay, you can come and have one more chocolate biscuit instead of me going to ask for crisps.

Andrew: Okay then…

**Walks into my room and reaches for the pack of biscuits, then makes to walk off with ALL of it!**

Kathleen: I said ONE BISCUIT!!!

Andrew: Just one? Can I at least have two?

Kathleen: You either take one or none at all!

Andrew: Okay, one.

Kathleen: Take one for your big brother as well.

**He finishes that business and leaves.**

**Less than a minute later, another tentative knock on my bedroom door. I already know where this is going.**

Kathleen: You may approach.

**Door slowly swings open and Alex’s head pops in.**

**In a very up-beat tone**

Alex: Heyyyyyyy Sis!!!

**Smiling slightly…**

Kathleen: Hey.

**He walks into my room and sits at the foot of my bed, making himself visibly comfortable.**

Alex: So…how’ve you been?

Kathleen: You may have another chocolate biscuit. You may also take another for your little brother.


Alex: Who says I came for the biscuits?

Kathleen: If you didn’t, you can’t leave with any.

Alex: Fair enough.

**…and I finally got to continue with Big Bang Theory in peace! These brothers of mine though, heh heh! As predictable as day and night!**



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