Help Will Always Be Given in the Natural Movement(At Hogwarts) to Those Who Ask For It

**Being a natural, like with all good things, is infectous. When you’re in it, and you discover what you have been missing out on all those years, you want all your friends, relatives, acquiantances and even those strangers who seem like they need it most to join the ‘movement’. It is addictive! It is also difficult for people to understand I think, when they are so used to viewing their hair as difficult, unmanageable, not the kind that can be rocked natural…and it is difficult for us on the flipside to come to terms with the fact that others do not see the benefits immediately!**

Me? Complicated? That is not even the half of it!

**Men tend to think women are complicated. Now, I don’t know much about this generalization but if I could speak for the one woman I know inside out, myself that is, I would say…you do not know the extent of my complexity. Sometimes I wonder if it will be possible for anyone to ever really comprehend. I see great beauty in my complexity. I wear it like a badge of honour. Here’s to the complex ones, the ones who are a handful because they were not made to be handled, the ones who cannot be understood mostly because they are also still grappling to understand themselves or otherwise, this one is for you! **

Old is Gold

**I absolutely love how with some friends, distance and time are but an illusion. You could have not seen them for 7 months but the moment you reconnect, it is a continuation of your last conversation, so seemless it seems just like yesterday. I have also found that with these continuing conversations, there’s so much to tell to fill the time you have been apart so words just come tumbling out along with some truths that you just might have needed to hear.**