Uni Friends Before Future Spouses

**I get really sad at the thought of finishing school, because I’ll miss my friends. I have to be the second most sentimental person I know, which is very very sentimental, so I try to tell my friends how much I love them all the time. (Refer to this post here…)They may claim I only do it when intoxicated, but hey, I said I tell them all the time, no? Heh hheh! I suspect that they may just be too uncomfortable to say it back most times. Always feeling like I’m forcing these people to love me…pfffft! Once in a while though, they admit it to themselves…**

Jeff: Let me be Kathleen today…

**referring to how sentimental I get when intoxicated**

For real though, I love you guys. A toast to us. Even after school is over, let’s never stop doing this!

Alex: Yeah, I appreciate you guys, I want you all to know that!

**Alex normally needs the words “I love you” threatened out of him**

Kathleen: Awwwwwwwwww….I knew you guys loved me.

Njeri: Let’s promise each other we will be friends forever…uni friends before future spouses, all day, everyday!

**Can’t wait to see how that one pans out, uni friends before future spouses!**

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