Thirsty Thursday with a Twist of Cake

**Once upon a thirsty Thursday, no thirsty Thursday is not really a thing for my girlfriends and I, we just occasionally get together and indulge our thirst…so once upon a thirsty Thursday…this happened…**

Kathleen: Guys, I keep having fantasies about food.

About me eating food.

Except it’s not just a food fantasy, it’s a sexual food fantasy.

I’m seated somewhere, in a room. I imagine I must be wearing an unforgiving little number that delightfully ravishes my form.

I’m seated there eating cake. Red Velvet. Maybe Chocolate Fudge. Something sinfully sweet.

..and as I sit there eating my cake, savouring every last morsel in my mouth, there’s a guy watching me eat the cake and he gets really turned on by it. Just watching me…looking stunning…eating cake.

**Clearly unable to handle the level of weird I had just ascended to…**

Ethel, Sarah, Njeri : Owwwwwkaayyyyyy!

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