Delightfully Dizzy and Disoriented…Like a Little Girl

**I’m always fascinated every time I wear something excessively girly. Something which when I spin around, rises and twirls the motion! What a little girl I am on the inside. I hope that never changes.**

**Excitedly spinning, twirling, round and round, watching my top rise and fall with each subsequent spin…**

Kathleen: I feel like such a girl spinning in this top!

Alex: Do you know that’s the second time in one week you have done and said the exact same thing?

Kathleen: I know, I know. Well, both times I was wearing such girlie-like items, coincidentally, both of which I did not get for myself.

Ethel: Kathleen, you’re going to fall!

**So I gave the spinning a rest and the intense dizziness kicked in. So much fun, this feeling!!**

**While feeling delightfully dizzy and disoriented…**

Kathleen: …guys, remember, if we are ever too broke to get drunk, we can just spin around in circles and feel dizzy. It is exactly the same thing!

**…with a hint of worry in her voice…**

Ethel: I hope we are never that broke though!

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