Fit Girls

**My friends and I went through, and are still going through, a major fitness phase. Which I think many young women are, and I love that it is a trend now! I like that women are staying active and taking care of themselves as opposed to starving themselves to achieve an idealized body shape that is unattainable. While on holiday from school, I started doing Insanity, an infamous fitness programme by Sean T, look it up if you haven’t heard of it yet, you can thank me later. When school resumed I gave it to my friends and two days after Njeri started out, this went down…**

Njeri: Ohhhhhh….goodness! Kathleen, I am in so much pain!!!

**While climbing stairs…**

Njeri: Oh Laaawwwwwdddd! My body is dying!

**Filling the silences in our day as we go about life…**

Njeri: …sooooooo mucchhhhhhh paaaiiiinnnnnn!!!!

**I kept trying to respond with encouragement…**

Kathleen: Remember why you’re doing it. When we go swimming, you don’t want to be that fat girl Njeri next to that fit girl Kathleen…

**Glaring eyes from Njeri…Hehhh heh! If looks could kill.**

Kathleen: C’mon, just try to think positive thoughts. The more you concentrate on the pain, the more it will continue to get to you. Instead, think of it as….the sexification of Njeri! All that pain is not in vain, it means your body and your muscles are transforming. The more pain you feel, the more sexified you are becoming!

**Made up ENOUGH words but hey, you get the point? Just for the record, I belong to the school of thought that believes having a body is the only prerequisite for a bikini body and I’m the biggest fan of all the jiggle in my junk. As we all should be with all our respective junkyards! **

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