Our thoughts on Adele

**Isn’t it phenomenal how Adele’s ‘Hello’ literally took this world by storm? The whole world, without exceptions. Adele is just a sensation in her own right! I happened to be watching the video of the song with Ethel once…**

**The song started, and Ethel moved to skip it…**

Kathleen: No, wait, I’d like to watch this video!

Ethel: Okay.

**A few seconds in…after glancing at me paying maximum attention to the video…**

Ethel: You’re in for a big surprise Kathleen!

Kathleen: Why is that? I’ve watched this video many times before, I know what happens…

Ethel: Oh yeah? First time I watched it, I was convinced I was about to watch a movie, shock on me, Adele pops up and starts singing!

**We are engrossed in the video for quite a bit…**

Ethel: Adele though, is she ever happy?


Does she ever smile?


Is she capable of singing a lively song?

Her style just ages her. Does she have to dress so old? She’s in her early twenties, but I would definitely not guess that just by looking!
Kathleen: I like her.

I like it. I think she just comes off as very mature! It’s just the way she is. I don’t think she comes off as old, she’s ageless and timeless.

Looking at her, I’d say she definitely comes off mature, but she doesn’t look old.

Ethel: She should shock the world, surprise us with something extraordinarily out of the box, like doing a remix for ‘Happy’ with Pharrell Williams, no one would see that one coming!


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