You make me feel…Different.

**I am obsessed with feeling(s). It is said that one never forgets how you make them feel. Being a member of the “Thinking and Feeling” personality type as outlined by Myers and Briggs, we who largely experience the world via feelings and emotions, I can tell you that how someone makes you feel will stay with you to the end of your days.**

My friend Ethel is the most unlikely companion I have.

She occasionally looks at me with disbelief. As though it is news to her that people are actually made the way I have been made. A look I recognise immediately because many a time I look at her with the exact same expression on my face.

Perfectly matched in our differences. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we can be such good friends. I realise though that perhaps this is the best and most necessary kind of friendship. She genuinely makes me feel special because she sees me as different.

Ethel, you make me feel special. When you look at me with a countenance of utter shock and disbelief at my being, my natural being…and I cannot understand why you are not like me. Why you have not met people just like me. Why you see me like you see me.

I like that when I look in your eyes I see myself as you see me.

Different…of the best kind.

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