How to Compliment a Lover of Words

**I don’t quite remember how this particular conversation started, but I do remember we’d had a previous conversation where I tried to explain to this friend of mine just how fascinated I am with words. How sometimes a combination of words, for some particular reason, is music to my ears when I hear it…lights up my mind when I comprehend, an explosion of colour, a burst of tastes, a tingling of sensations. So for Edwin to say what he said…has to be the nicest most conscious thing anyone has ever said to me. Tugged straight at my heart-strings! **

Body Bags from The Room of Requirement

**While I’m away at school, my room is treated like the room of requirements. (Harry Potter fans anyone?!)**

**The Room of Requirement is located on Hogwarts’ seventh floor, across from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.**

**The Room of Requirement is also located at the Siminyu Residence, first floor, first door on the left, across from the cupboard in the corridor.**