It is especially when we are absolutely sure we want nothing more than to be left alone that we should be smothered in hugs and kisses, just because.

**I am very sentimental and touchy-feely. I’m all about hugs and kisses and physical contact with the people I love. I study away from home, and am in the habit of coming home most weekends(read EVERY SINGLE weekend). When Sunday comes round and I finally have to leave home, I have made quite the ritual of bidding my brothers goodbye. Most times I find them in their room, likely in some comfortable position and dreading my goodbyes because I will make them stand up to give me a proper hug. A proper hug is one that leaves me(and the other party) feeling warm, enclosed, loved…a hug worthy of a last hug, just in case. We also do┬ámafia kisses(read I also make them do mafia kisses with me), the whole, grabbing their face in both my hands then kissing both the right and left cheeks before pulling them in for the mother of all hugs. You get the picture, right?
I am their mushy sister who is all about smothering them in hugs and kisses…I wonder if they consider me embarrassing.

When in Doubt… #FOCUS

**I’m always on about words and the magic in them. I really do believe that words can be magical. You could hear certain words today and think nothing of it and you could hear them tomorrow while in a completely different frame of mind and they will be exactly what you needed to hear for one reason or another. Imagine my surprise when I found words that I needed to hear on The Big Bang Theory? (Honestly, I was not at all surprised. I have come to appreciate that they can come from anywhere at any time…) It was still nice to feel like all the hours I have spent on this show might have been for the sole purpose of me finding this conversation on this very day while experiencing the things I was…Serendipity anyone? Heh heh!**

This Watch You Gave Me

This Watch You Gave Me…I loved it.

It was the best thing I had ever owned.

You may not have thought about it, but it was in the perfect shade of red, my favourite colour.

Up till then, no one but my mother had ever bought me a watch!

This Watch You Gave Me…I wore it everyday.

I’m a watch wearer, I’m one of those people that feels naked and incomplete if I leave the house without my watch, but that was not the only reason I wore This Watch You Gave Me.

Brothers are…those people you can tell anything!

**There are some things that…are not appropriate for dinner conversation, or just about any conversation really. Except…with your siblings! They have been stuck with you since the start and are stuck with you to the end, so not even talk of somewhat disturbing bodily functions will weird them out…not even talk of bowel movement. Such a small and silly thing to contemplate, but I am thankful to be able to have conversations like these with my brothers.**

Shower Hour

Living on the fourth floor of a building has its ups and downs, literally, as you can imagine, then there’s also water pressure drama. Sometimes I cannot quite tell whether water is an issue for everyone in the building, it being Juja that can’t be ruled out, or whether water is an issue for us because we live on the topmost floor.