Shower Hour

Living on the fourth floor of a building has its ups and downs, literally, as you can imagine, then there’s also water pressure drama. Sometimes I cannot quite tell whether water is an issue for everyone in the building, it being Juja that can’t be ruled out, or whether water is an issue for us because we live on the topmost floor.

Many a morning I have found myself negotiating with the shower. By negotiating, of course I mean that I am at the mercy of the shower and am begging it to kindly, if it pleases it to do so, spit out a few more droplets of water so that I can, in the least, get some of the soap lather already on me off!

Picture this, you’re a morning person, so at 3am your eyes pop open, 2.58am actually, 2 minutes ahead of your alarm, your mind already abuzz with all the things you would like to do before reminding the sun that it is time to come up, before mere mortals even stir!  You clear your email inbox, make sure everyone that needs a reply gets it. You  finish writing those reports you have put off writing for a few days. You put together a proposal for an upcoming meet-up. You send out a few applications(final year of school vibes), catch up on some reading, go through all notifications on your social media accounts, fix a few bugs in code that has had you pulling your hair out all week! Finally, to cap it all, you have an intense morning workout that has you sweating out all negative energy and exuding feel-good pheromones!

I like to wash dishes at this point, if there are any in the sink. Washing dishes , I have found, is the most undesirable chore to me. I like to get to it when I am psyched and optimistic about life, when I believe I can change the world, by washing one dish at a time! (Something about doing what you have to do before you can do what you want to do, ha ha) One cannot conquer the world whilst dirty dishes lounge in their kitchen sink!

Then…then comes the shower. I jump into the shower jovial, not deterred by the fact that it shall be an ice cold shower, that, I am now used to.(Due to the low water pressure at times, our instant showers keep getting spoilt and we got tired of replacing them so we made peace with cold showers.) I turn the faucet  and the water comes gushing out. Hallelujah, it is a good day! Occasionally, the shower will spit out a few droplets before proceeding to hiss and make “clearing throat” sounds…I suppose this is it’s version of throwing in a few fake coughs to try convince someone you are sick when really you just don’t want to go to work.  Today though, today it was being nice to me. It felt as though the stars were aligning. I got my soap and face towel and got my body all nice and lathered up and scrubbed! The shower was still being very cooperative…gushing out that water like the pressure would last till next week! Cheering me on, lulling me into a false sense of security, making me believe I still have the luxury of time, to enjoy the scents and sensations of the soap all over my body…

As I am sure you have guessed by now, at the precise moment when I was ready to get back under the shower to rinse off the soap, that familiar “clearing throat” sound led, an introduction of sorts, followed by the abrupt disappearance of all water. No gradual decrease, no warning whatsoever, the water just stopped and that was it.

I stood there, staring at the shower head, negotiating(pleading really…), but to no avail.

The water did not come back. The shower had the final word, and it had decided I had spent long enough in there, so that was it.

I shall leave you guessing how I eventually solved that dilemma.


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