Brothers are…those people you can tell anything!

**There are some things that…are not appropriate for dinner conversation, or just about any conversation really. Except…with your siblings! They have been stuck with you since the start and are stuck with you to the end, so not even talk of somewhat disturbing bodily functions will weird them out…not even talk of bowel movement. Such a small and silly thing to contemplate, but I am thankful to be able to have conversations like these with my brothers.**

**With a certain level of alarm**


Andrew: Why are you telling us? Tell the doctors…(referring to my parents)

Kathleen: You’re my brothers. I like to keep you updated on my bowel patterns. Isn’t that what brothers are for?


Andrew: Fine, fine!

**Also laughing…**

Alex: Mine has been looking healthy.

**Finally feeling free enough to contribute to the subject matter**

Andrew: I never look at mine.

Alex: You’re missing out Andrew!

 **Brothers really are those people you can tell anything and I shall keep pushing the limits to see just how much they can take!**

**mischievous grin**

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