When in Doubt… #FOCUS

**I’m always on about words and the magic in them. I really do believe that words can be magical. You could hear certain words today and think nothing of it and you could hear them tomorrow while in a completely different frame of mind and they will be exactly what you needed to hear for one reason or another. Imagine my surprise when I found words that I needed to hear on The Big Bang Theory? (Honestly, I was not at all surprised. I have come to appreciate that they can come from anywhere at any time…) It was still nice to feel like all the hours I have spent on this show might have been for the sole purpose of me finding this conversation on this very day while experiencing the things I was…Serendipity anyone? Heh heh!**

**Now to put you into the context of the show…**

**Penny, who moved to the city to pursue her dream of becoming an actor, quits her job as a waitress to concentrate fully on acting! She is sure this is the right thing to do but there’s always that slight nagging doubt, wondering if it really is the right thing or whether she should still hold on to the ‘safety net’ that is the waitress job. She decides to ask Sheldon for his opinion. Sheldon is the protagonist of the show. A nerdy, socially awkward, genius character he is.**

Penny: Do you think quitting my job was a mistake? Am I being an idiot or not?

Sheldon: No, I don’t think you are.

The best way to achieve your goal is to devote 100% of your time and energy to it.

When I decided I was going to be a physicist, I didn’t take some other job in case it did not work out, which was not easy because there was a lot of pressure from Miss Pearson for me to be chalk monitor that year!


Penny: Thank you Sheldon, I needed to hear that.

**I needed to hear that too!**


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