Food! Now! …and make it picture-worthy, pronto!

**I hate lining up for food.

I have zero pleasant memories of lining up for food, does anyone? Probably because I’m normally low on sugar at the time and let me tell you, I get very irritable when I am low on sugar. I always find myself getting lost in my thoughts, my hungry thoughts! Keeping in mind I have a very strong sense of justice(or at least I like to think I do…), my thoughts normally go something like this…**

Food is a basic right! A basic human right!

No one, no one should ever have to line up for food! What kind of world is this we live in where people line up for food?

It should be akin to an offence against humanity! To make us wait when we can think of nothing else! Our judgement is impaired, we are low on glucose and you want to prolong our suffering and make us wait?

Where is the ICC? This should be punishable by International Law!

**My sentiments on lining up for food clearly just mirror society at the moment, we of the instant gratification generation! We want it and we want it right now, and we want it loaded with calories and pretty enough to make everyone’s mouth water when we first take a picture and then post it on social media. However sensible my thoughts may turn once I am fed, I still hate lining up for food.**

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