The Dawn of the Age of Whatsapp Groups

Such a dramatic title, no?

A little over a week ago, I exited a Whatsapp group because I felt it added no value to my life. I’m a techie and it was a techie group. Specifically it was created with the purpose of discussing and sharing experiences when it came to our use of Intel technologies, both hardware and software. Of course we did not strictly exclusively discuss Intel technologies. We are techies and they are not the only vendors of developer tools out there so a silent allowance is made that other techie subjects are acceptable.

(Ceremonial) Democracy


Following the just concluded Ugandan elections, there’s this clip doing rounds on social media. It’s from a movie I’m told. In the clip, there are a number of athletes at the starting line of their race. Each is down on one knee…waiting for the starting gun to go off.

On your mark…

Get set…

An Ode to Swahili

“If you could have absolutely any super power, what would it be?”

Ever been asked that question before?

My answer is always…I’d pick being able to speak and understand each and every language on this earth. Occasionally I say I would like to read minds, but I think languages is more appealing to me.

I am fascinated by language, by words, that is no secret.

At this point, someone keen would point out that that, in fact, cannot qualify as a super power, the being able to speak and understand many languages.

“It’s called being multi-lingual, Kathleen,” they will say to me.

Corruption, an Institutionalised Business

I have a friend, let us call him ‘Anonymous’. I have another friend, more of Anonymous’ friend than mine, I shall call him a friend nonetheless and for the purposes of this story, name him ‘InNeed’. It so happened that we were in my kitchen, having lunch and talking, one lazy Tuesday afternoon with not much going on. The two, Anonymous and InNeed have known each other a long while. InNeed flew out for further studies a few years ago. He was in the country for his holidays and would soon be flying out again, he came to spend some time with Anonymous before leaving.

What is Valentine’s to us?

Valentine’s Day is here. Yay or nay? A close friend of mine strongly believes that if one is single this time of year, they should literally hide themselves in their houses/homes and hibernate. Anything to avoid the awkwardness that is being out and about and alone on Valentine’s. Confronted, yes confronted, by others’ displays of affection all around, an unceasing reminder that you are alone, that this holiday is not for you.

Money Matters

A few months ago I attended one of Centonomy’s financial literacy courses, which was amazing! I’m pretty sure you have heard of them, Centonomy, if not, Google them. Thank me later. Well, I learnt loads from this course. Some of which I already knew, some of which I did not, all of which I was really happy to have exceptionally covered! I kept turning to whoever was sitting next to me in our sessions and lamenting at how I wished lecturers were this passionate about their work, the trainers are outstanding! Each and every one of them!

An Artist for a Day

“You look like an artist,” she said to me.

“An artist?” I asked, mildly amused.

Of all the 22 years of my life, I have not once been likened to an artist!

“Yeah, an artist!”

“What does an artist look like?”

“…erm, kinda like you!”

Urban Dictionary

About two years ago I started to build an online freelance platform and dubbed it ‘Hustle Haven’. A few months after embarking upon this venture, I applied for an internship at a software development firm and when they asked for samples of my work, I sent them a link to the platform. I got the internship and my boss later commented that the freelance platform was what ‘sold him’ on me. As a tech entrepreneur himself he was excited to have someone on his team who also yearned to create. The one thing he absolutely hated about my idea was the choice of name.