I would not say I hate goodbyes but I would take a slice of cake over a goodbye any day!
Okay, so I would take a slice of cake over very many things, every day, but you get the point, yeah?

Babies, little girls, older girls and Body Image

I went for a baby shower recently. Walking into the house, there were all these familiar faces, people I see at best once a year(maybe every two years is more accurate). Each time, though a long time will have gone by, their faces are always in the recesses of my mind. Faces never really leave me. Names on the other hand…well, I’ll need to perhaps start making short notes to remember the accompanying names. You know how it is with family of family of family…family nonetheless. I spent most of my time there listening to the conversation, picking up names, matching them to faces, amusing myself in my head.

Who hasn’t encountered MLMs?

After my Centonomy course(you can read more about those on this post here), my classmates and I, naturally, decided it would be a good idea to start a whatsapp group and add everyone to it. A nice and easy way to share business opportunities with like-minded individuals and to keep in touch, keep motivating each other, you know, the likes!

Celebrity Status

To be idolized must be nice. To have people that hang on your every word, move, action, people who look to you almost as though you were the basis of their being. The yardstick along which they generate their opinions.

A Snapshot of My Writing

Fiction is my first love. I have been devouring it ever since I can remember.

When I was in class 2, in a school in Nakuru called Victonell, we were given the privilege of being able to borrow from the library. Finally deemed old enough to be entrusted with books, I was ecstatic. During our first English lesson, when the teacher took us to the library, he stressed what a serious responsibility it is. How we would be held accountable for the condition in which we brought back the books, how we would be fined for any damages, how long you could have a book out, how many books at a time, the fine per day for lateness…plus a whole lot of other bureaucracies. Then, we were given the power to read and explore.

Being a 2nd Generation Luhya in The Time of Luhya Memes

I was recently at a loss of what to write, so, as I occasionally do, I asked one of my friends for a topic idea.

“Chicken,” he said.

Chicken? How would I write about just chicken? What would the point be?

…and then I wondered, did he suggest ‘chicken’ as a topic because I am Luhya?

The rest, as they say, is history. The title of this post could have been chicken, but the inception of that idea led me down a slightly more interesting rabbit hole, in my opinion. Here we are…