An Ode to The Names You May Have a Bit of A Hard Time With

They say a Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. I do not dispute this. But a Kathleen by any other name would not be a Kathleen. She would be someone else. As conscious beings, surely our names cannot be just identifiers. Our names are a large part of our communication and interaction with others. Some names will blend, others will stick out like a sore thumb. Some names will roll off the tongue with ease, others will need conjuring spells to aid in their pronunciation, a miracle to make them form on your lips. Names that sound like songs, sweet melodies. Names that cause a lump to form in your throat, then all that comes out is a slight burst of air, the syllables in hiding, not confident enough to let themselves be voiced.

School’s Out!

Exactly 24 hours and 4 minutes prior to sitting down to pen this, I finished school. Put the final full-stop to the final year of 8.4.4. Final full stop for now anyway…let’s give it a few months and see what the results are like…but, nevertheless, the end finally is upon us.

Any Given Afternoon

Wednesday afternoon, Dan, Ian and Joe traipse out of their mid-morning lecture inexplicably more tired then they went in. Why inexplicably? The lecture did not happen. Big shocker. This lecturer had a reputation, and it was not good. Prof. Likhanga had taken them for yet another unit last semester. He had shown up to class only 3 times in the whole semester, that is 16 weeks, 14 if you disregard the two for exams. He had issued no cats, not sent any hand outs with notes, and yet the university considered the content taught. Exams were done, some people passed, others failed, by what basis this was determined, we can only speculate.