Words, the Currency of the Future

I read a whole book in less than 24 hours! Can I get a medal for that? Can I at least get an Amen? Ha ha, I kid.

It has been a while since I did that. Immersed myself in a book and let the seconds melt away, forming minutes, hours…I shall make it days. I’ve got the time. I love books. Once upon a while ago, I daresay, I was a bookworm. Now, I reckon I just like to imagine myself a bookworm.

Since finishing school and having more than a bundle of time on my hands, one of the things I had on my to-do list for the listless months that followed was to read more. While in school, there was always the excuse of school, but I found that having fallen out of the habit while busy, even with my free time now, I reach for a series more often than I did for a book. I must have watched close to half a dozen series in the past couple of weeks. I think my mind was starting to tire of lack of use.

In one of these series, allow me to at least make use of the very little I gained while keeping my mind in partial hibernation, in one of these series, a bunch of aliens has come to earth and taken up human form, inhabiting human bodies and living among man for purposes of observing and understanding him. There is this one episode where they get cable. One guy comes home and I cannot quite remember the context but he finds one of his other comrades propped on a chair staring at a TV screen. The guy watching TV says something about not having had a single thought in HOURS! An outrageous number of hours, maybe 11. I feel like that has been me. Binge-watching series, one episode after another. If it is a good one, a really good one, I always want to start the next episode the moment the one I was watching is done. These screen writers and producers know their stuff man! Keeping you glued to the screen gets them ratings. More ratings, more money!

…less imagination.

Last night, after finishing my then current series, I found I had nothing to feed my binge. I scolded myself for not having had the foresight to start downloading something else earlier to avoid this situation, then went ahead and started the download for the next series on my list.
(I know what many of you are thinking, in the year 2016, why is this girl downloading series as opposed to streaming them, right? Yes, yes, I’m stuck in sijui 2011. Ha ha. I have received this outrageous reaction enough times already so save it. My excuse, where I went to school, good Internet is a rare commodity, so while in a WiFi zone, I am conditioned to make my main mission loading things up and storing them for later viewing! This constantly living in a WiFi zone will take some getting used to. Perhaps I shall keep up the habit, in honour of the camaraderie fostered with all those I have left behind, in 2011 and in Juja.)

After scolding myself for not having something to watch and finally starting a download, I wondered what in the world to do with myself. Which, is when I had the revolutionary idea to pick up a book. The rest is history. Sniffed the first Harry Potter in hours and that has me plotting to re-read the whole series and then reread other favourite Fantasy/Fiction books from my younger years. I am now on a purely Fantasy/Fiction diet!

I had other more serious books lined up but, well, I need somewhat of a reboot to my system, a factory reset so to speak, heh heh! If I’m going to rekindle this affair with books, might as well start with the titles that started the affair in the first place!

I just heard that ping from my machine that signals the completion of a download…heh heh! Perhaps a purely Fantasy/Fiction diet with the occasional viewing pleasure?

I heard someone once say that words are the currency of the future, others might argue that Bitcoins are, but since no one knows for sure, would not hurt to dabble. Occasionally, pick a book over a TV show.

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