The Wait

Do you ever feel like you are simply in existence. You just happen to exist, to be, as a mere formality. Your heart is still beating so yeah, you’re still here! I have lived largely in existence for the past month or two. Or shall I say existed largely in existence…this is getting confusing, lol!

The Plight of the Introvert: I have difficulty socializing with other people even though I want to

I happened upon a frighteningly accurate compilation of comic strips with regards to introverts. Finnish introverts to be precise but a lot of them, I found, rang true for me. Proof that I am an introvert through and through, no matter what ratio of introvert:extrovert you may have met me at. I’ll put a link to the comic compilation at the end so that if only for that, you at least have incentive to scroll to the bottom.

Social Klutz

Have you ever met someone whose personality puts you instantly at ease? Someone who has you laughing that hysterical, possibly high pitched, not curated for public display laughter that you try to keep under wraps when you have to behave and be courteous around company?