2017…and I

I know, I know, I know.

I have already done a 2017 themed post.

My “New Year, New Me” quota has already been filled, but I can’t help it that I just had a brilliant(by my standards) idea hit me on the 18th of Jan(2017) as opposed to on the 31st of December(2016).

2017 is going to be the year of going places…by myself.

As I write this, I am seated at a restaurant, alone, on my 2nd mojito.

I was stressed out by the day at work, I started to doubt myself, wonder if my impostor syndrome is not just a syndrome but a…a reality! So I decided that just in case it is a syndrome, mojitos are the cure. It is a Wednesday. If it is not a syndrome and in fact a reality, well then I shall deal with that at a later date.

Anyway, so after brain storming on possible solutions for the bug I am facing at work, composing something witty to post to my Facebook page and then posting it, I am sitting here, all by myself, mojitos going straight to my head, having the time of my life, feeling compelled to write about it.

I’m at News Cafe Kilimani, oh, did you not yet know that this is my local? Now you do. It turns out it is Remy Martin Wednesday. Whatever that is. Ha ha. Okay, I will tell you what that is. Remy Martin is launching a line of cocktails at News Cafe. A pretty lady with flawless make-up that highlights her nose and upper lip with a golden sheen convinced me to spend an extra 200 bob than I had budgeted on one of the cocktails being launched today. A Remy Mojito. It is taking me places.

Anyway, I am sitting here, I have brainstormed, I have written, and then I was going to finish my cocktail and be on my way when it occurred to me what a wonderful time I was having!! All by myself! Or me and the cocktails? Whichever.

It brings to mind the fact that I have been wanting to go to the museum, been wondering who to go with, and have just decided I will take myself. That’s right. Too often I am limited by lack of company. Am I not company enough?

2017, I am taking myself places.

I shall write about them too.

As a writer, aspiring writer?, WRITER, as a WRITER, going places by yourself pays off. There’s no one there to complain about being ignored, because you are busy scribbling on your notebook or on your phone or you took out your laptop, like I have, to jot down the words that are swimming in-front of your eyes as you watch the evening unfold.

2017, take myself places, pay attention to the words that are swimming in-front of my eyes as I watch life unfold.

Like right now…watching life unfold.

The DJ…
I am seated right next to the pseudo-DJ-stand. All the million times I have been to this place, there has never been a DJ stand. The DJ looks like he is having loads of fun. I wonder if it is because he has been pumped with enough Remy cocktails, or perhaps because he is just so good at what he does, enjoys what he does, that he genuinely loves his set! Go you Mr. DJ, in your purple dashiki, and your fresh tattoo, which I know is fresh because I saw you rub that ointment all legit tattoo places advice you to buy and rub on within the first few days. I know all this because I have a fresh tattoo, because I went to a legit tattoo place, because they gave me all those careful after care instructions I should have followed, because like the bad-ass that I am, I ignored those instructions and have been using coconut oil and Vaseline instead of that cream I should have gone to a chemist to buy. I know we are many. The bad-asses. The rule breakers. The troublemakers. The misfits. The rebels. The round pegs in the square holes. Apple, come hire us.

Enough about the DJ…his set is lit though.

There is a camera man. A Remy camera man. Every time someone orders one of those new Remy cocktails, he approaches them to take a picture, of them and their drink. These guys are organised. They know your social media posts travel further if there’s a cool and relevant picture attached. They know that the shares from people will come if you take great photos of them. I know every time someone takes a great picture of me, I track it down and repost it on my social media profiles. Kudos guys, the camera man is a good move. Because he will not be seen in any of the epic pictures he takes, like the one he took of me when that beautiful, beautifully made-up Remy girl convinced me to buy a cocktail that I shall realise tomorrow I cannot afford, I sneaked a picture of him. He seems like a cool dude, vigilant, keeping his eyes peeled for those Remy cocktails in the house.

He has made quite a few trips to a table next to mine. Several ladies meeting up for after work cocktails. The table is pretty full now, 7 ladies, but they have been streaming in at different times, so the cocktails arriving at the table have been spread out.

They are so creative with their Remy pictures! All I did was smile and hold up mine. I doubt I will make it to their social media pages as one of the outstanding pictures selected for marketing purposes. These ladies though, one posed next to her cocktail glass while touching up her lipstick, after taking a sip of her drink and leaving a lip print on the glass. Is that not ‘posing creativity’ gold? I think so. Of course the side of the glass with the lipstick stain is facing the camera.

One held up a cocktail and kissed it, eyes closed, totally love struck kinda pose…you know it, right?

One broke a cocktail…to show just how good it was?

Yet here I am, just holding up my glass and smiling. Tsk tsk.

Okay, maybe the girl who broke her glass was a little past tipsy. Ha ha. Lets you know those Remy cocktails are legit.

There’s a lady who was here as early as I was. When the end of happy hour approached, she ordered 3 seven deadly sins. Can I just start at, I have sworn off these sins. Please, I have had enough. Do you see me here sipping on mojitos? You don’t, but I just told you about them. Mojitos are light in alcohol content as compared to seven deadly sins. It is because my conscience is tired of these sins being multiplied. Anyway, this lady of the seven deadly sins, she was alone, and I wondered if all three of those cocktails were for her. She had been busy on her phone, visibly enjoying the music, all by her lonesome, perhaps her 2017 is also about taking herself out.

It is not.

After a while she is joined by a friend. I assume 2 of the 3 cocktails ordered just before the end of happy hour are for her friend. She might as well be alone though, they do not talk to each other much. Her friend gets on her phone as soon as pleasantries are done. They might as well each be taking themselves out, just in each other’s company.

Finally, because I really need to be getting home now, there is a table that has ordered a whole bottle of Remy Martin, living the life I tell you, as I sweat that 200 bob that would have been my Uber ride home.

One day maybe…I too shall be at a table where Remy bottles find their way with great frequency.

I still have to go home and try solve the bugs that led to my deciding it was a good idea to come out for cocktails on a Wednesday.

At least some good has come of this. Bumping into ‘Remy Martin’s Wednesday Vibe’, that’s the name of these happenings at my local, has been fun! Introspective as well, 2017 has new meaning for me. Cannot wait to see the words that get penned as a result of my solo outings.

The big group of ladies on Remy cocktails just broke a second one.

Someone really should cut them off now. I’m cutting myself off.


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  1. 1

    Are Remy Martin paying you for this marketing ? You should share it to their page. Coz maaan, I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to grab themselves one after reading this post.
    Also I’ve been meaning to visit the Kenya Archives forever (you know it’s only 50 bob) but I always kosa someone to go with so I’m gonna borrow a page from your book. Lastly, some sentences on this post were so obviously written by the Mojitos 🙂 lol.

    • 2

      Ha ha…I am not a dictator, gave the mojitos some free reign, heh heh!
      Let this be unintentional marketing, I enjoyed their set-up, so why not.

  2. 4

    The solo outings seem to be the norm even for me in 2017.
    I guess one needs a place to just calm down and ease out work pressure. Glad you have a spot just for that and a mojito !!(well in my case..Sticking to my beer.?).
    Great read.

  3. 6
    Paulyne Wanyonyi

    I am with you on this taking myself out and spending time with myself this year. 2017 is my year I will be selfish with it.

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