Chasing Views

*posting this again because it mysteriously disappeared off of my hosting provider’s servers*

I went for a wedding this past weekend. Aren’t weddings just beautiful? I think so. The marriage that comes after, I cannot definitively classify as beautiful or not, the wedding though, weddings are generally beautiful.

Can we stop and marvel at the fact that I have friends who are getting married?
* stops *
By marvel, I, of course, mean go into a crazed panic, wonder what I am doing, dissect my life in terms of potential future spouses, find it wanting, increased craze, hear the story of the couple getting married, learn they have known each other 7 years, panic, do the math, if I meet someone today, 7 years from now I will be 30, there is hope, drops everything, goes out there and starts meeting people, wait, what am I on about, downloads Tinder, starts swiping.
(Just for the record, I am not on Tinder.)

The church where the ceremony took place has an upstairs. I arrived nice and early and naturally went chasing views. As a reward for coming early, I went looking for the best view in the house. I sat upstairs, somewhere I could see where the bridal and officiating parties would be and waited. With time, others arrived, the pews next to me started filling up, my other colleagues arrived, came and sat next to me, yay for company, who wants to be alone at a wedding?

On the pew in-front of us were two little boys. Brothers. I concluded they were brothers by their identically ndengu’d(unkempt) hair, all I had was a rear view. I could tell that at best, their heads are normally clean shaven because their hair was short, newly sprouted, no doubt because schools are on holiday, uncombed, also no doubt because schools are on holiday.

While waiting for the arrival of the bride, I got to watching the children.

People are always entertaining to watch and it is an even bigger treat if they are kids. I like how unpredictable and unbound kids are. The kids came and went as they pleased and for some reason, the older one was acting quite possessive of the younger.
* rolls eyes *
First borns!

He would dictate where he expected his brother to sit and expected his brother to sit at that very spot, unmoving and attentive until he deemed it okay to divert their attention to something else. When, amidst all that was going on in their little world, the older one caught wind of a prayer being said in the world that the rest of us grown folk were inhabiting, he dutifully put his palms together, shut his eyes with all his strength, I could tell it was all his strength by the creases that formed on his eyelids, nudged his brother to do the same and then, while seated, leant sideways such that his upper body lay on the bench. The younger one imitated. He knew without explicit instructions that exactly what his brother was doing is what he should be doing. While in this position, the younger one fell asleep. Once the prayer was over, he was rudely awakened by his older brother’s disapproving nudge. Heh heh!
At least they have been taught how to pray, kinda.

During the most important part of the ceremony, the exchange of vows, the rest of us were entranced by the, then soon-to-be, now newly weds. This was, after all, what we had come to witness, was it not? Two people pledge to love, respect, support, there was mention of submitting to each other.(Although I think the implication here was one way but this is not the place to dwell on that.) The whole scene was beautiful and entertaining. When the groom stepped forward to unveil his bride. The cheeky smiles the two of them kept on giving each other. I wasn’t privy to this, turns out chasing views from high above comes at the consequence of missing small, intimate details, but I heard later from a friend that there were winks exchanged here and there. The unfailing smiles. I wondered if in the same position, this would be the part where my tummy knots and I think to myself, ‘Oh My Goodness I Don’t Know If I want This Anymore!’( I hope you read that very fast and in a shrill, panicked voice.) Cold feet.
The pastor had to keep telling the groom to step back, that they were not yet man and wife, that a respectable distance had to be kept because the electricity was just too much. It was beautiful!

Yet, all the while, these two little boys who I had been watching, had more pressing concerns. The older one started to be, what seemed to me, forcefully affectionate, forcing his brother’s head onto his shoulder using one hand while with the free hand, now on his brother’s cheeks, turning his brother’s face towards his own.

I feared the worst, not knowing what would come next I really did fear the worst. I was right in the middle of lamenting at what society is teaching our children, at how they are getting corrupted so young, when I realized the older brother’s interest in his little brother’s face was a shaky tooth in the mouth of the latter.

Every time he touched it, the younger boy would wince and wriggle trying to get free of the older one, who by this point had him in a choke-hold. Oblivious to the life-long vows being made just metres away, the older one kept trying to yank out the loose tooth but his fingers would slide off each time. The younger one, trying to bear it bravely and silently because we were after all in church. The older one, trying all angles and techniques to get that tooth out. Whatever instinct had had him acting all affectionate at first went out the window, he was now holding his brother down and concentrating fully on the tooth.

Eventually, I am going to guess that when blood started dripping, they left the church, heading in the direction of the bathrooms.

When they returned, the pastor was in the process of declaring the newly weds husband and wife and giving them permission to make it official with a kiss. The older boy looked quite pleased with himself and the younger boy’s now holey smile possibly portrayed relief at no longer being the outlet of his sibling’s youthful energies.

I went upstairs and sat where I did chasing views and ended up getting a little more than I bargained for.

P.S. My blog troubles, for those of you that happen to have noticed, should be over now.
*fingers crossed*

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