Take A Break, Don’t Quit

I’m on this journey…life. Yeah, let’s call it that. I am on the journey of life. I’m at this place on this journey where I reckon I’m finally learning a lot of things. Finally, not because I’ve been hard headed and refusing to learn or anything like that but because some things come with time and it has been quite some time since I started this adult-ing thing. ‘Real life.’ A lot of my favourite words (quotes) are starting to make sense, starting to take on new meaning. I am learning to say what I mean and mean what I say. I am learning patience. Patience. Patience. Patience. Did I mention patience?

Not That I’m an Afro-Haired, African Literature Reading Kinda Babe

I have had my nose stuck in a book all week, ever since getting to the conference. Spell bound. Every free moment relieved of its freedom by further creasing the spine of the book. Current read, Kintu. I inhale it day after day. Sometimes I worry that perhaps I am not socializing enough. Networking. There’s pretty impressive individuals in attendance at the conference.