About Me

Why, hello there!

My name is Kathleen, but you can call me Kat. This is my blog.

I wear many hats, only figuratively though. My hair rarely allows for the literal.

I am a writer so naturally I am motivated by the desire to tell stories of all sorts. On here, you’ll find stories about my journey towards becoming a self-taught data scientist in particular and just being self-taught in general. I like learning and in the age of the Internet, with all this information just a mouse click away, I do not believe much in paying an arm and a leg to be taught. Along that nerve, I co-organise a community for data science and machine learning in Nairobi. Sometimes all you need to catalyze your learning is to find your tribe, they are mine. You’ll read their stories too.

I share my perspectives and experiences on being a woman-in-tech, a millennial figuring out my identity and life, professionally, socially as well as spiritually. This doubles up as my journal so sometimes I will rant or rave and be sad or inexplicably happy.

I fancy fictional writing, so some of those stories will pop up. Some will go somewhere, others will be stories just for the sake of stories. Words can be so satisfyingly strewn together to make a story and I believe sometimes that can be enough.

So glad you dropped by!
Please do it often.

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