The Girl Who Cried Gecko (Yes, I Have an Overactive Imagination)

I have this deathly fear of geckos and lizards and all their other reptilian relatives that look a lot like them. I am afraid of many such things, creepy crawlies, but I have a hunch that my fear of geckos is magnified 100 fold because I am confronted by them so often. I should look into where and how they nest and why in the world they feel so at home among human beings, because they practically live with us. Shamelessly! In full view!

2017…and I

I know, I know, I know.

I have already done a 2017 themed post.

My “New Year, New Me” quota has already been filled, but I can’t help it that I just had a brilliant(by my standards) idea hit me on the 18th of Jan(2017) as opposed to on the 31st of December(2016).

2017 is going to be the year of going places…by myself.

You Think You Have a Monopoly Over Ideas? You Don’t. Not Even Your Own.

I remember a few years back, perhaps this was right after I had finished high school, I had this brilliant idea to start a vlog series. I figured most people my age were alternating between searching and existential crises when it came to the subject of what to study at uni, a decision affecting the rest of your life, daunting really.

My 2017 in Mobile Applications

Hello? Hey! Hi. How are you?
So, you may or may not remember this but we knew each other once upon a time. Well, I knew you. You may not remember me. We met over on this site, I used to frequently blog there. I think you stumbled across it once or twice. Maybe?

The Social Media Pie


Sometimes I think it absurd to myself that this blog exists. That blogs in general exist. That blogs can be a means via which to reach people. Somewhere in the back of my head, I realise now I never thought people would actually read my blog.

Sometimes Life Happens(Even at 5 am)


I like early mornings because of the silence. People are asleep, the surroundings are still, my brain is just waking up so there are yet to be a million thoughts cascading over each other in there. The neighbours’ chicken will sometimes be clucking in the morning. Yes, I get it, this is what chicken do, but that does not make it any less annoying. Occasionally, the neighbours’ dog will be barking about one thing or another, probably chasing its tail round and round. We have a dog too, but it is generally silent, docile. The rowdy one, my little Benjamin Button, was exiled to ushago. A story for another day, but yes, our dog is silent. This morning however, I could hear a disturbance from somewhere outside. Voices, sounds that may or may not have been there. You know how sometimes the mind plays tricks on you, like when you could swear you just heard someone say your name but then no one did and you start to low key question your sanity. I ignored the sounds but they persisted so I decided to venture onto the balcony, be nosy, snoop.