On Skin Care Routines and Emotional Well-Being

I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times on ‘How to Build a Skincare Routine’ a couple of months ago. It made me think, hey, I’m an adult now. Maybe a skin care routine is exactly what I need to introduce into my life. I’m always enviously admiring my friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have flawless skin and wondering what about my genetic make-up predisposed me to constantly have an attack of unsightly pimples and subsequent perpetual scarring on my face. This article made me wonder if perhaps my going to sleep night after night with all the dirt, dust, oil and whatever greasy coat their combination forms on my face to wholly block my pores might be more to blame than my genetic make-up, so I ventured to try out having a skin care routine.

On Fear

Collins, this one is for you. 😉

I went swimming recently. On Sunday. Remember my triathlon athlete dreams? Still in the works, I’ve been running and swimming is the latest addition to the repertoire. Anyway, I went swimming. There’s this thing I like to do in the water, just float on my back, navigating from end to end of the pool, as a sorta break between reps. Heh heh, ati reps, who am I kidding, I could barely do a lap without needing a breather.

Take A Break, Don’t Quit

I’m on this journey…life. Yeah, let’s call it that. I am on the journey of life. I’m at this place on this journey where I reckon I’m finally learning a lot of things. Finally, not because I’ve been hard headed and refusing to learn or anything like that but because some things come with time and it has been quite some time since I started this adult-ing thing. ‘Real life.’ A lot of my favourite words (quotes) are starting to make sense, starting to take on new meaning. I am learning to say what I mean and mean what I say. I am learning patience. Patience. Patience. Patience. Did I mention patience?

people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten

I often find myself dragged, more like enticed at the prospect of an open bar, to several tech-business-y events every so often. At tech-business-y events, to be honest, you are more likely to find more employers of techies than techies themselves.

You Think You Have a Monopoly Over Ideas? You Don’t. Not Even Your Own.

I remember a few years back, perhaps this was right after I had finished high school, I had this brilliant idea to start a vlog series. I figured most people my age were alternating between searching and existential crises when it came to the subject of what to study at uni, a decision affecting the rest of your life, daunting really.

Trust the Hours


Yesterday(sometime last week now, this draft almost fossilized on my machine), I officially finished my first short story. I hated it. All 2971 words of it. I still mostly do. The story came to me on a bus ride from Juja to town, J. K. Rowling vibes, except the story that it ended up becoming was nothing like the little draft I jotted down on Evernote on that bus ride home. This thing about a story taking on a life of its own, maybe that is what that was. I felt like every time I stopped and then came back after perhaps a day, things were different. Going in another direction. I wonder if I would have ended up with the same story had I sat down and pounded it out all in one go. I doubt it. One thing I know for sure, up until the moment when I ended the story, I really had no idea it would end that way.


Team 1k words a day…I have skipped out on a few days but hopefully I am back.
Let me here speak to my heart. Have a one-on-one.