The Wait

Do you ever feel like you are simply in existence. You just happen to exist, to be, as a mere formality. Your heart is still beating so yeah, you’re still here! I have lived largely in existence for the past month or two. Or shall I say existed largely in existence…this is getting confusing, lol!

Social Klutz

Have you ever met someone whose personality puts you instantly at ease? Someone who has you laughing that hysterical, possibly high pitched, not curated for public display laughter that you try to keep under wraps when you have to behave and be courteous around company?

School’s Out!

Exactly 24 hours and 4 minutes prior to sitting down to pen this, I finished school. Put the final full-stop to the final year of 8.4.4. Final full stop for now anyway…let’s give it a few months and see what the results are like…but, nevertheless, the end finally is upon us.

The Life-Cycle of a Crush

A few days or weeks or months or years ago, I shall not give an exact time-line for obvious reasons, a crush I had hurt my feelings in a manner that at the time seemed unforgivable to me. I sat down and wondered why in the world does this person have the power to hurt me so much? Really, a crush?

Let us start by defining a crush, I consulted Google and here is what came up…

a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate.