Trust the Hours


Yesterday(sometime last week now, this draft almost fossilized on my machine), I officially finished my first short story. I hated it. All 2971 words of it. I still mostly do. The story came to me on a bus ride from Juja to town, J. K. Rowling vibes, except the story that it ended up becoming was nothing like the little draft I jotted down on Evernote on that bus ride home. This thing about a story taking on a life of its own, maybe that is what that was. I felt like every time I stopped and then came back after perhaps a day, things were different. Going in another direction. I wonder if I would have ended up with the same story had I sat down and pounded it out all in one go. I doubt it. One thing I know for sure, up until the moment when I ended the story, I really had no idea it would end that way.


Team 1k words a day…I have skipped out on a few days but hopefully I am back.
Let me here speak to my heart. Have a one-on-one.

The Wait

Do you ever feel like you are simply in existence. You just happen to exist, to be, as a mere formality. Your heart is still beating so yeah, you’re still here! I have lived largely in existence for the past month or two. Or shall I say existed largely in existence…this is getting confusing, lol!

Social Klutz

Have you ever met someone whose personality puts you instantly at ease? Someone who has you laughing that hysterical, possibly high pitched, not curated for public display laughter that you try to keep under wraps when you have to behave and be courteous around company?