Artificial Intelligence in Low/Middle Income Countries; The East African Experience

I recently received a request to be a speaker at an event that the Web Foundation, the Center for Global Development and Future Advocacy were hosting to discuss the implications of their recent work on the economic, social and political impacts of artificial intelligence in low/middle income countries. I wasn’t able to attend the event, held in London, in person but joined in via video conference and this was my little contribution: AI in low/middle income countries, the East African experience.

My 2017 in Mobile Applications

Hello? Hey! Hi. How are you?
So, you may or may not remember this but we knew each other once upon a time. Well, I knew you. You may not remember me. We met over on this site, I used to frequently blog there. I think you stumbled across it once or twice. Maybe?

The Dawn of the Age of Whatsapp Groups

Such a dramatic title, no?

A little over a week ago, I exited a Whatsapp group because I felt it added no value to my life. I’m a techie and it was a techie group. Specifically it was created with the purpose of discussing and sharing experiences when it came to our use of Intel technologies, both hardware and software. Of course we did not strictly exclusively discuss Intel technologies. We are techies and they are not the only vendors of developer tools out there so a silent allowance is made that other techie subjects are acceptable.

Emojis R US!

I love emojis!

I remember one time writing a Whatsapp message on a friend’s phone and when I clicked on the emojis icon, was shocked to find that he had only 3 or 4 emojis appearing under his frequently used tab. I cannot understand this! How does one express oneself effectively via text if not by the use of emojis?
I can scarce complete a line of text without feeling like it could use a facial expression to go with it, to make it as close as possible to a conversation is my argument. (Also, I just fancy colour and animation.)