The Colours Of John-Paul

John-Paul was a 4 or 5 year old Australian-Colombian kid who spoke every single thought that happened to pop into his head. ‘Was’, because that was several years ago. He is obviously older now. Sometimes, the thoughts that popped into his head were were exactly the same as the ones that popped into his head 5 minutes before.(I used two “were”s to prove a point and horrible punctuation to point out that point. Oh well…) You know how kids are. When my younger brother was little, he would ask or talk about the same thing over and over and over again. Why do kids do that? Do they forget they just said that? Do they forget you literally just had that conversation 5 minutes ago? A very literal 5 minutes that has 300 seconds.(I almost reached for a calculator to do that math, but the fact that I so recently earned a degree in Mathematics guilt-tripped me into doing the sum mentally. Turns out I can still handle some simple mental arithmetic. Trust me, after some of the things you encounter studying Mathematics in uni, simple arithmetic becomes those distant childhood memories that you only vaguely remember. The ones that you completely forget about until your mum or aunts or older siblings tell you stories of when you were younger and you have a sudden ‘Oh yeah…that happened!’ moment. You remember that you had forgotten that! But, I digress…) Back to John-Paul…

An Ode to Swahili

“If you could have absolutely any super power, what would it be?”

Ever been asked that question before?

My answer is always…I’d pick being able to speak and understand each and every language on this earth. Occasionally I say I would like to read minds, but I think languages is more appealing to me.

I am fascinated by language, by words, that is no secret.

At this point, someone keen would point out that that, in fact, cannot qualify as a super power, the being able to speak and understand many languages.

“It’s called being multi-lingual, Kathleen,” they will say to me.