Do You HAVE To Go Home Every Weekend?

I get asked this question a lot.

I don’t HAVE to go home every weekend. I however prefer to.

I love the excitement on my mother’s face when she turns from her perpetual seat in our living room and spots me walking into the house via the kitchen door. “Hi mum!”, she will say to me, a greeting so gleeful, like she is the child and I am the mother come home from work.

Uni Friends Before Future Spouses

**I get really sad at the thought of finishing school, because I’ll miss my friends. I have to be the second most sentimental person I know, which is very very sentimental, so I try to tell my friends how much I love them all the time. (Refer to this post here…)They may claim I only do it when intoxicated, but hey, I said I tell them all the time, no? Heh hheh! I suspect that they may just be too uncomfortable to say it back most times. Always feeling like I’m forcing these people to love me…pfffft! Once in a while though, they admit it to themselves…**

How to Compliment a Lover of Words

**I don’t quite remember how this particular conversation started, but I do remember we’d had a previous conversation where I tried to explain to this friend of mine just how fascinated I am with words. How sometimes a combination of words, for some particular reason, is music to my ears when I hear it…lights up my mind when I comprehend, an explosion of colour, a burst of tastes, a tingling of sensations. So for Edwin to say what he said…has to be the nicest most conscious thing anyone has ever said to me. Tugged straight at my heart-strings! **

Body Bags from The Room of Requirement

**While I’m away at school, my room is treated like the room of requirements. (Harry Potter fans anyone?!)**

**The Room of Requirement is located on Hogwarts’ seventh floor, across from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.**

**The Room of Requirement is also located at the Siminyu Residence, first floor, first door on the left, across from the cupboard in the corridor.**