What is Valentine’s to us?

Valentine’s Day is here. Yay or nay? A close friend of mine strongly believes that if one is single this time of year, they should literally hide themselves in their houses/homes and hibernate. Anything to avoid the awkwardness that is being out and about and alone on Valentine’s. Confronted, yes confronted, by others’ displays of affection all around, an unceasing reminder that you are alone, that this holiday is not for you.

Urban Dictionary

About two years ago I started to build an online freelance platform and dubbed it ‘Hustle Haven’. A few months after embarking upon this venture, I applied for an internship at a software development firm and when they asked for samples of my work, I sent them a link to the platform. I got the internship and my boss later commented that the freelance platform was what ‘sold him’ on me. As a tech entrepreneur himself he was excited to have someone on his team who also yearned to create. The one thing he absolutely hated about my idea was the choice of name.

Drink and Drive?

Shall you keep silent as we are driven to our deaths?

You have a driving licence, yet you sit still and let yourself be driven by a drunk driver?

Does the fact that he is your husband make him any less drunk?

Make you any less likely to end up in a ditch bleeding out,

your whole family right beside you…