The Social Media Pie


Sometimes I think it absurd to myself that this blog exists. That blogs in general exist. That blogs can be a means via which to reach people. Somewhere in the back of my head, I realise now I never thought people would actually read my blog.

This one’s for Hagrid

Re-reading Harry Potter and once again being wholly entranced in the world, that world, that J.K Rowling so expertly weaved and made real, because it is real my friend, it is real, being back there has reminded me just how much I would like to write and write well.

Beginnings and Endings

“Raisa!” called out her mother and not for the first time.

“What’s taking you so long?” she added although she already knew. In the living room was a guest, a guest that any 18 year old girl would dread… a suitor. Her mother hoped this would be the one for her. Rashad was kind and respectful. Hopefully, this was not just a front.


I would not say I hate goodbyes but I would take a slice of cake over a goodbye any day!
Okay, so I would take a slice of cake over very many things, every day, but you get the point, yeah?

Celebrity Status

To be idolized must be nice. To have people that hang on your every word, move, action, people who look to you almost as though you were the basis of their being. The yardstick along which they generate their opinions.

A Snapshot of My Writing

Fiction is my first love. I have been devouring it ever since I can remember.

When I was in class 2, in a school in Nakuru called Victonell, we were given the privilege of being able to borrow from the library. Finally deemed old enough to be entrusted with books, I was ecstatic. During our first English lesson, when the teacher took us to the library, he stressed what a serious responsibility it is. How we would be held accountable for the condition in which we brought back the books, how we would be fined for any damages, how long you could have a book out, how many books at a time, the fine per day for lateness…plus a whole lot of other bureaucracies. Then, we were given the power to read and explore.

What is the Opposite of Writer’s Block?

Reader’s unblock?

I know, I know, bad joke. Moving on swiftly…

I am occasionally very emotionally charged. This happens often.
What does not happen often, is me deciding to channel it into writing.

I prefer to eat junk food, cry into my pillow, scroll through Instagram for hours and hours, start conversations with people I have not spoken to in a while, lose myself in the worm hole that is YouTube, take a nap…you get the idea. Never anything too constructive.