On Skin Care Routines and Emotional Well-Being

I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times on ‘How to Build a Skincare Routine’ a couple of months ago. It made me think, hey, I’m an adult now. Maybe a skin care routine is exactly what I need to introduce into my life. I’m always enviously admiring my friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have flawless skin and wondering what about my genetic make-up predisposed me to constantly have an attack of unsightly pimples and subsequent perpetual scarring on my face. This article made me wonder if perhaps my going to sleep night after night with all the dirt, dust, oil and whatever greasy coat their combination forms on my face to wholly block my pores might be more to blame than my genetic make-up, so I ventured to try out having a skin care routine.


Team 1k words a day…I have skipped out on a few days but hopefully I am back.
Let me here speak to my heart. Have a one-on-one.

School’s Out!

Exactly 24 hours and 4 minutes prior to sitting down to pen this, I finished school. Put the final full-stop to the final year of 8.4.4. Final full stop for now anyway…let’s give it a few months and see what the results are like…but, nevertheless, the end finally is upon us.