Pining For a 3 Year Old’s Attention

I love kids. The best part of that has to be the fact that they always love me back. Unrequited love is another hard situation. Kids are easy to please. Just get down to their level and engage. If they are still at the illegibly mumbling stage, I always just go ahead and engage back in natural human language. (Of course true child lovers in touch with their inner child will know the kid is actually making loads of sense. Those of you that have fully been assimilated into the growing up trap have lost your childhood magic, I maintain that I still have mine.)

What is Valentine’s to us?

Valentine’s Day is here. Yay or nay? A close friend of mine strongly believes that if one is single this time of year, they should literally hide themselves in their houses/homes and hibernate. Anything to avoid the awkwardness that is being out and about and alone on Valentine’s. Confronted, yes confronted, by others’ displays of affection all around, an unceasing reminder that you are alone, that this holiday is not for you.

The Life-Cycle of a Crush

A few days or weeks or months or years ago, I shall not give an exact time-line for obvious reasons, a crush I had hurt my feelings in a manner that at the time seemed unforgivable to me. I sat down and wondered why in the world does this person have the power to hurt me so much? Really, a crush?

Let us start by defining a crush, I consulted Google and here is what came up…

a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate.